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The Vintgar gorge is one of the most popular natural features in Slovenia.

    Opal Creek runs through thousands of acres of protected old growth forest, crisscrossed with over 30 miles of hiking trails.

    Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

    Emerald Gorge, Columbia River, Oregon

    Umpqua Hot Springs And National Forest - Oregon, United States

    Oneonta Creek/Gorge in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area east of Portland, Oregon • artist: April Waters

    Day trip to one of Oregon’s most beautiful waterfalls on an easy hike- then enjoy nearby clothing-optional Umpqua Hot Springs

    The Oneota Gorge is tucked away within the stunning Columbia River Gorge!

    Opal Creek in Oregon Visiting Opal Creek is a must for anyone who enjoys exploring rugged and wild forest. Named after the wife of an early Forest Service ranger, Roy Elliot, Opal Creek is home to eight hiking trails, which take in sights such as five lakes and no fewer than 50 waterfalls. The 20,746-acre site is best visited between April and October and those who want to experience the wilderness up close and personal can even camp overnight at the site too.

    Oneota Gorge, Oregon

    Tamolitch pool Oregon

    Opal Creek, Oregon

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