Susan Terry

Thu, 13 Apr 2017 19:27:55 +0000

Blue and white dragonfly wine bottle lamp. An empty clear wine bottle was reclaimed and repurposed into this wine bottle light. After cleaning and removing the labels, the clear bottle was tinted a deep blue. Silver and white dragonflies were hand painted onto the blue surface. A hole was drilled near the base of the bottle in the back to allow a plug-in string of LED lights to be inserted into the lamp.

    This easy-to-make ring is gorgeous, and so romantic! Kasia uses copper wire, and a beautiful faceted agate in a shade of blue that is both deep and misty.

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    Silhouette lighted jar. Loves the idea but with different silhouette theme.

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    Easy! Broken/cut up old CDs glued to a wine bottle.. Crafty!

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