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Type 89 I-Go medium tank, date unknown

    Type 94 Te-Ke tankette.. Sorry, but this won't work!

    Type 97 Chi-Ni - experimental Medium Tank Chi-Ni (試製中戦車 チニ Shisei-chū-sensha chini) was a prototype Japanese medium tank. Initially proposed as a low-cost alternative to the Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank, it was eventually passed over by its competitor.

    Maru Chi-Nu

    Japanese airborne, Okinawa 1945, pin by Paolo Marzioli

    Sierżant 28 pułku 7 Dywizji Piechoty armii japońskiej, Chiny 1939

    Imperial Japanese Army Medium Tank & Light Tank Type 97 “Chi-ha” & Type 95 “Ha-go” 九七式中戦車 チハ   九五式軽戦車 ハ号

    Type 89 I-Go medium tank, date unknown

    Type 97 "Chi-ha: Japanese Medium Tank

    Army Combat Engineer Metal Sign

    japanese Type 94 tankette

    Японский "Тигр" глазами художника. Особое внимание на экипаж :)

    イメージ3 - 八九式中戦車の画像 - 「みょうちん」の徒然日記 - Yahoo!ブログ

    大日本帝国陸軍 九七式中戦車

    Image detail for -... m2 halftracks were built during world war ii also spelled halftrack

    OPFOR M60A3 of the 1st Bn 4th Inf Regt in "The Box" at CMTC Hohenfels, Germany in Nov 2001

    tanks of the 1st Tank Regiment on parade in tokyo (1942)

    A Japanese World War II era Type 3 "Chi-Nu" Medium Tank at the JGSDF Ordnance School in Tsuchiura, Kanto, Japan.

    Japanese Type 97 Chi-Ha tank at the Yasukuni Shrine Museum/ The Type 97 Chi-Ha (九七式中戦車 チハ Kyūnana-shiki chū-sensha Chi-ha) was a medium tank used by the Imperial Japanese Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Battles of Khalkhin Gol against the Soviet Union, and the Second World War. It was the most widely produced Japanese medium tank of World War II, although the armor protection was average for a 1930s tank.

    A US Marine with a M2-2 Flamethrower at Iwo Jima. February 1945.

    Type 95 Ha Go

    Type 89 I-Go medium tank, date unknown

    Type 89 I-Go medium tank, date unknown

    Type 89 I-Go medium tank

    Imperial Japanese Army Medium Tank Type 97 “Chi-ha”