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japanese type 95 ha go light tank - Pin it by GUSTAVO BUESO-JACQUIER

    japanese tank commader and his Ha-go light tank in hokkaido (winter 1944)

    Type 97 Chi-Ni - experimental Medium Tank Chi-Ni (試製中戦車 チニ Shisei-chū-sensha chini) was a prototype Japanese medium tank. Initially proposed as a low-cost alternative to the Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank, it was eventually passed over by its competitor.

    Dutch east indies: tanks of the Itoh Detachment advancing in the jungles,the casualties of the allieds were 11,136 men. as for the casualities of the Itoh Detachment, 67 men were killed and 56 men were wounded -Pin it by GUSTAVO BUESO-JACQUIER

    WWII Japanese Tank

    Rear quarter view of a Type 94 Te-Ke tankette, date unknown

    blutiger-stahl: Japanische Soldaten neben einem Typ 89 I-Gō

    A Type 97 Shinho To “Chi-Ha"

    Carro Armato M13/40

    Japan's Type 2 Ka-Mi amphibious tank.

    A crew posing for a photo in their Panzer 4 with a 75mm short barreled infantry support gun.

    Type 89 I-Go medium tank, date unknown

    british-eevee: Panzer iii Ausf L (date and location unknown)