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nwobhmjp: “ Imperial Japanese Army Medium Tank Type 97 “Chi-ha” ”

    Type 89 Japanese Tank Artwork by Nicolas Gohin on

    Imperial Japanese Army Medium Tank Type 97 “Chi-ha Kai” .

    The Type 5 Na-To (五式砲戦車 Go-shiki hōsensha) was the penultimate tank destroyer developed by the Imperial Japanese Army in the closing stages of World War II.

    U.S. soldiers inspect a Type 97 Shinho To "Chi-Ha" among numerous destroyed in vehicles after fighting on Luzon. Shinho To translates to "New Turret"

    Japanese Type 2 Ke-To light tank, post 1942

    A Type 97 “Chi-Ha”

    21.Panzer-Division Panzergrenadiers of the 21.Panzer-Division, wearing camouflaged "zeltbahn". Normandy, June-July 1944. For the first day of the Allied landings 21.Panzer operated alone. Hampered by enemy air attacks, it managed to find and engage British Paratroop forces at Ranville. The division gave the British a hard fight until it received orders to withdraw. Commons: Bundesarchiv.

    A column of Type 95 “Ha-Go” tanks

    World War II: Conflict Spreads Around the Globe - The Atlantic

    Imperial Japanese Army Medium Tank Type 97 Command Tank “Shi-ki” 九七式指揮戦車 ”シキ”   『け』101号車

    Several Type 97 “Chi-Ha" tanks