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Tue, 21 Jul 2015 18:37:20 +0000

Park Chan-wook filmography 2000 - 2013


    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

    – Luiz Carlos Freitas Há quem reclame da mudança de estilo do diretor na passagem a este aqui quando comparado com seu antecessor, Tudo Sobre Minha Mãe. Almodóvar…

    Big Fish - Tim Burton Take the time to watch this wonderful movie. Kid friendly too

    i was born in the wrong era, or so i've been told.

    The Danish Girl (2015) - Cinematography by Danny Cohen | Directed by Tom Hooper

    the whistling song will be in your head all're welcome =)

    Joint Security Area - Park Chan-wook

    Video. La influencia de Maya Deren en el cine de David Lynch - ENFILME.COM

    Macbeth michael fassbender art direction cinematography

    Sicario: You are not a wolf…and this is a land of wolves now. ---------------- man I love this film

    Thirst - Park Chan-wook

    Wuthering Heights (Andrea Arnold, 2011) Cinematography by Robbie Ryan Sources:,