Isabel Burchell

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:39:36 +0000

Double exposure stag tattoo by Janis


    Double exposure illustrations using stippling technique. Some of them were used as graphic t-shirts, posters and other products. You can follow all the steps of the creation of these artworks in my In (Cool Art)

    Tattrx Special Feature on @scene360​ this week: Double Exposure Tattoos illusion.scene360.comAbove: Sunny Bhanushali | Mumbai India

    Stunning landscape bear tattoo by Sasha Kiseleva

    Image result for animal mandala

    Deer With Flowers Arm Tattoo

    geometric deer tattoo - Buscar Mehendi Mandala Art #MehendiMandalaArt #MehendiMandala @MehendiMandala

    This one. This is what I imagine. One main redwood tree as the stand out piece, then blend in forest trees around it. California bear in the blacked out part.

    Really want an animal head tattoo and thinking a deer might be a good choice to have memories of hunting with dad



    Swiggity swag it's the nightmare stag