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Veggie burrito bowl recipe with beans, rice, bell peppers and toppings. Great Daniel Fast recipe, vegan recipe, and frugal quick dinner idea.

    Simply the BEST Taco Soup - an easy, healthy, & gluten free stove top meal that uses ground turkey (bison, beef, or venison) along with tons of clean eating vegetables and pantry items like canned beans. The option to use homemade ranch and taco seasonings take this dinner to a whole new level. This quick, skinny, and low carb recipe is simple to prepare and will quickly become a family favorite!

    These White Bean and Avocado Baked Burritos make the perfect dinner - stuffed with white bean, mushrooms, corn lots of avocado! Vegan Mexican Food.

    A super creamy roasted cauliflower soup with roasted garlic and coconut cream makes for the most comforting weeknight dinner. Gluten Free and Vegan. Perfect fall or winter recipe. |

    Coconut Milk Ranch Dressing - planning to make this with a cashew based mayo to use with raw veggies and on salads

    ***Oven Baked Potato Wedges | Good. Easy to do and everybody liked them. I had pretty large potatoes, will try with medium sized russets next time. Keeper!

    This Mexican burger is inspired by Jeff Novick’s veggie burger line. It’s a delicious, kid-friendly, and healthy alternative to greasy beef burgers. Use your fa

    City Girl ~ Country Girl: DAY 20 - Daniel Fast ( Great recipies from her 21 day daniel fast)

    A hearty Daniel Fast meal option-- a baked potato topped with meatless chili.

    Weekly Dinner Plan for Daniel Fast including recipes and shopping list.

    This grilled veggie vegan burrito bowl recipe is packed with flavour and so much healthier than takeout. You will definitely be eating the rainbow when you get this bowl on the table and the mix of he

    DANIEL FAST RECIPES AND MEAL PLAN. Inspiration and resources to help you with prayer and fasting. Get more out of the Daniel Fast.

    Meal Prep for my Daniel fast. Sweet Potatoes Baked whole at 350 degrees for one hour and then cut for portioning. Mixed Veggies/Black Beans Vegetables were steamed with seasoning (black pepper, onion and garlic powder). Black beans are from the can Salad Raw spinach, lettuce, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, onions, green pepper and a slice of avocado. Sprinkled a little black pepper on top for flavor. I plan to eat it with a balsamic vinaigrette.