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rnurse: (RN)urse or "murse".. I have ZERO creativity when it comes to usernames. I recently got...


    Nurses, get ready for clinicals with the Timeless Beauty Bag.

    Image detail for -arterial blood gas analysis arterial blood gas analysis abg blood gas ...

    acid-base balance with compensation diagrams of the human

    Some examples of working through

    SvO2=mixed venous oxygen saturation; VO2=oxygen consumption; "SvO2 is the percentage of oxygen bound to hemoglobin in blood returning to the right side of the heart. This refects the amount of oxygen "left over" after the tissues remove what they need. It is used to help us to recognize when a patient's body is extracting more oxygen than normally. An increase in extraction is the bodies way to meet tissue oxygen needs when the amount of oxygen reaching the tissues is less than needed."

    Heart Block Poem

    IV fluids... I can never remember these!

    To You, Nursing Student… My sister is in nursing school. She is so stressed, but is so excited about her choice. I'm so proud of her and it's great to see this.

    blue protocol ultrasound - Google Search

    Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation Made Easy - Meducation

    lung cancer genetics - Google Search