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Fri, 21 Apr 2017 15:08:39 +0000

Batman: TAS Two Face Red Poster

    BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES - 'Nothing to Fear' & 'If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?' - On Sale Info!

    hoploid: Sie inetessieren sich für den einzigartigen Gentleman Look? Schauen Sie im Blog vorbei

    Batman as Spaghetti Western

    Why So Serious by Denny Bangke, via Behance

    INSIDE THE ROCK POSTER FRAME BLOG: Olly Moss Batman Rogues Gallery Prints On Sale

    The X-Men by Eric Tan.

    the script says it all

    Berlin eraldo affinati

    Phantom City Creative’s Batman: Mask of the Phantasm poster

    The Essential Dichotomy.

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    Batman fanart by rockopy demente, via Behance

    shane glines batman - Google Search

    James Zapata et ses illustrations de personnages

    Lizzy Stewart

    2 Face by James Ryman Awesome Oil on canvas check out the dude’s blog.

    Two-Face in Dark Victory #11 (October 2000) - Tim Sale

    Escalando edificios como humano desde 1939.

    The Joker > Batman

    Art Batman | Joker by Patrick Seymour nerd-porn

    And here are all 24 of my Bat villain sketches so far. Top Row: The Joker, Mr. Freeze, Magpie, Man-Bat 2nd Row: Catwoman, Penguin, Calendar Man, Killer Moth 3rd Row: Two-Face, Ra's al Ghul, Harley ...

    Minimalist Superheros Design - I love this new take on these classic designs. This costume looks more like Tim Drake..but Dick Grayson is my favorite Robin