Kimberly Ramos

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 12:01:58 +0000

let the children play: Mirror, mirror on the Wall ≈≈

    my kind of cuteness ;P

    A place to mix and smash plants and water, needs only a few bowls and a stick, but is a great place to learn about how things change and sense of capability. medicine making - Stomping in the Mud

    Children’s outdoor weaving frame! We can make this!

    Using logs and natural wood shapes pushes the problem solving skills because of the different sizes and edges.

    Wildlife stack 041 by Dawn Isaac, via Flickr

    Another option is a trickle stream, which is basically a dry creek bed with a pump that recycles the water through the course:

    Can be used for creative outdoor or for cutting!!

    5 easy essential elements to add to your outdoor play space - without spending to much! See how easy it is over at Mummy Musings and Mayhem

    Small world play

    Marie's Childminding has tied 2 garden arches together & fastened reed screening over the top to make a new play space

    Idea for outdoor classroom shelter - Climbing Trees - Get Families Outdoors More

    Outdoor space

    ITEM: Fine Motor (trains), Dramatic Play (small world play in planters) Recycle City at Puzzles Family Day Care (",)

    Kids can learn how to garden, get them to be involved with the nature. They could learn about how the plants grow and what do plants need to survive.

    Outdoor Pull up Mirror from Designs For Education. A top quality safety mirror, ideal for outoor sensory areas.

    Outdoor area2

    Car roads in the garden . Don't know original source

    Hanging baskets for loose parts storage, what a lovely way to add to the aesthetic of the outdoor classroom.

    Outdoor pirate ship play! by tanisha

    child‘s garden - pencil crayon fence

    The kids at work would love this!