Nita Davidson

Wed, 19 Apr 2017 05:39:28 +0000

Track & Field Vinyl Decal


    #run or play your sport to be remebered as the person that was good, never gave up, gave it all they had. #newperspective

    How Yoga Makes You a Better Runner: Poses for Runners #infographic #Yoga #Health #Running

    Ya know because discus and triple jump just so happen to be at the same time

    Waiting for track results

    Weekly Home Workout Plans for Beginners

    When kids are around 9 or 10, they start to pay more attention to their thoughts. Here are 10 great meditations for pre-teens and teens. Check 'em out!

    <3 elisetucker0710 <3

    U have 2 have motivation and this motivation has to become into a habit. Let it happen

    Running Medal Display - To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift. - Steve Prefontaine - Large

    Track and field this is so true but I see it both ways because I am a middle distance runner;)

    Track and field!!

    Laughed so hard at some of these!! The yoga one and the one about working out at work are totally me!