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Are you teaching your students about growth mindset? These books by Kobi Yamada are perfect for helping students understand how to reframe issues. What Do You Do With and Idea and What Do You Do With a Problem are an easy-to-use, brilliant resource for your classroom!

    Growth Mindset Read Alouds

    10 questions to help children develop a growth mindset

    Picture Books about Perseverance for Kids

    Yet by mholtzen I started using the word “Yet” with my students a couple years ago. When a child says, “But I don’t get it,” or “I can’t do this,” which happens often in my land of perfectionists, I add the word, “Yet” to the end of their declaration.

    What Do You Do With a Problem? by Kobi Yamada is a new picture book that works perfectly in conjunction with What Do You Do With an Idea?. This literature unit is appropriate for 1st-4th grade. Full of activities that shed light on creating opportunities and handling difficult situations, your students will think outside the box and have fun!

    The Best TV/Movie Scenes Demonstrating A “Growth Mindset” – Help Me Find More | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…

    MostMagnificentThing-- A picture book that teaches the growth mindset! Post by the Two Writing Teachers shows how to use for writing lessons also!

    Are you teaching your students about growth mindset? Your Fantastic Elastic Brain by JoAnn Deak is a perfect segue for teaching your students the power of growth mindset. Conceptually, these ideas are perfect for any level, but this literature unit was created for 2nd-6th graders in mind. Infused with reflections, challenges (including a STEM challenge), and opportunities to identify and clarify growth mindset vs fixed mindset, your students are sure to learn and have a great deal of fun!

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    Specific Praise is Best!

    72 unique Growth Mindset Notes encourage middle school and high school students to believe they can learn anything and help them develop the attitudes, habits, and work ethics that will help them persevere through challenges and succeed in all subjects and classes! Ready to print, cut, and go – implement growth mindset today with these notes!

    This list has my favorite books to read with students to explore growth mindset concepts, and connect the idea of growth mindset to real experiences. Plus lots of other ideas to create a Growth Mindset classroom, and free growth mindset notes to dowload!