Kim Hernandez

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:25:20 +0000

The 1975


    Matty Healy of The 1975

    Matty1975: I show up at the jail, just as you go back. I walk up the counter, "I'm here to get my friend. He's been wrongly accused of smoking illegal marijuana.

    I don't think I can live a life without meeting him

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    The 1975 Matty Healy | Those glasses really look hot on him!

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    I did'nt even see you when I liked you. Now I ain't got no time. Matty I wanna see you undo it. I want to see you but you're not mine... I<3U Matty!

    ive never been so mad in my life (maybe i have but whatever) the 1975 concert nearby my area just sold out and im so frustrated and mad and i regret not buying the tickets earlier and omg idk what to do because whenever i see the 1975 or listen to them i just think about the concert and omg ughhhghhhgghhhhhhhh i hate this