PB Boss

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:12:28 +0000

Just realized how many Big Bang Theory and book related pins there are.

    Yep. Many times too. Augustus, Tris's mom, Prim, Newt, Rue, Finnick...the list could go on.

    Your room is a mess but your bookshelves are immaculate. Yup!

    I always, ALWAYS read the Book Dedication before starting a novel. They're either sassy and witty or sincere and heart-melting.

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    I have used two of these and a necklace chain, promotional card, businesses card, old phone bill, scrap paper...yea safe to say I've done this...

    Did you mean: ALLEGIANT?<<< you speak the absolute truth

    Mark of Athena. yep.