Lorianne Frisbie

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:50:24 +0000

~FREE PRINTABLE~ Top 5 coolest facts about... Honey Bees... Buuuzzzzzz! {Green Grubs Garden Club Blog}

    The differences between bees, wasps and flies. Use with Apologia Zoology 1, Flying Creatures #homeschool http://shop.apologia.com/63-zoology-1:

    Bees Unit Study - http://www.yearroundhomeschooling.com/bees-unit-study/

    You know pollination is important, but do you remember the basics of how it works?

    With a matchbook car or toy train in hand, kids’ imaginations know no limits. Now there’s a road that can go wherever your child wants to place it—on hardwood floors, carpets, tabletops, couches, and even up the walls.

    MINIBEAST SPOTTING FORM: Great printable sheet with a good selection of common minibeasts for a little hunt. From Sparklebox.

    All about BEES craftivity English-Spanish

    15 Easy Bumble Bee Crafts and Activities for Preschool & Big Kids

    Bee life cycle poster+worksheet FREEBIE

    Bee unit study

    Parts of a Plant Project! Fun hands on activity for kids to learn the function and parts of a plant!

    Language: In this image you can see all of the Farsi letters and all 4 of their forms.There are 32 letters in the Farsi alphabet, but unlike our alphabet each letter is written differently depending on where it is in a sentence.This means if you were to learn to write in Farsi, you would have to memorize 32 letters x 4 forms to know how to write Farsi and that would equal 128 different characters to memorize!

    Who are the pollinators, why are they important to us and what should we be doing to protect them? #DIY4Bees