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~FREE PRINTABLE~ Top 5 coolest facts about... Honey Bees... Buuuzzzzzz! {Green Grubs Garden Club Blog}

    ~FREE PRINTABLE~ Top 5 coolest facts about... WORMS! {Green Grubs Garden Club Blog}

    The best children't books to teach about honey bees and beekeeping from Still Playing School

    Honeybees are fascinating creatures and now you can learn all about them with this HUGE list of resources!! :: www.homeschoolgiveaways.com

    Bee Anatomy, cont. Then teach the printed diagram, discussing parts the photo left out, then together cut out the bee parts, then double side tape together on construction paper, using diagram as model. Discuss why only females have stingers (as their last house bee job they guard the hive before going out as field bees.)

    Fun Bee Facts for Kids With Free Printables

    All about BEES craftivity English-Spanish

    how to draw a simple bee | how+to+draw+a+bee.jpg

    iPad AUP_For_Kids.pdf

    Life Is Sweet....In Kindergarten!: Going Buggy Part 2

    ~FREE PRINTABLE~ Top 5 coolest facts about... ANTS! {Green Grubs Garden Club Blog}

    Bee unit craft and activity! Includes free templates and labels. Perfect for studying bee anatomy and body part labeling!

    a baby ladybug (larva) really lives up to the saying "A face only a mother could love".