Suzanne Schramm

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 11:43:50 +0000

The Ghost Oak by Santa Cruz Guitars --- (scheduled via


    Nice old fashioned wood designed Guitar.

    Walden Limited Edition "The Black Guard" D560CEB acoustic-electric guitar

    Santa Cruz 40th Anniversary Guitars - 8,000 year old wood used for "The Ghost Oak" guitar; plus the FTC model as used by Eric Clapton, American Songwriter, Songwriting, Acoustic Guitars

    To pretty to play ? Never !

    2007 Charles Fox Guitars Ergo SJ-14 Noir

    AURORA Archtop Acoustic Guitar (unsure of year)...

    Carbonaro archtop guitar

    Batson Grand Concert

    Martin D-15M Mahogany

    1941 Prewar Martin D-45 Holy Grail Acoustic Guitar

    1930 Martin 00-42 Natural Acoustic Guitar

    Hang your keys like a Rockstar! Shut up and give me the details! Includes 4 guitar plug keychains engraved with the Marshall M logo 1 wall mounting bracket...