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Tue, 19 Jan 2016 21:33:39 +0000

The magic is in the details on these gorgeous letterpress business cards for a seamstress, made from a pretty 2-ply layered combination of soft Cotton and Cherry Blossom Pink paper. #jukeboxprint

    Slick Letterpress White Minimalist Design Business Card For A Designer

    Anpassbare Visitenkartenvorlage Telefonkarte von TeaAndHoneyStudio

    Letterpress Business Cards from #jukeboxprint

    Cute Letterpress business cards produced with seven colors on 40pt cotton. Produced by #jukeboxprint

    Gold Foil Business Card

    Creative Letterpress Business Cards produced into a shape of a Bread Clip. Printed by Jukebox Print.

    Custom Die Cut Vintage Ticket Style Letterpress Business Card For A Yoga Instructor

    Stylish Letterpress Business Card produced with a Natural Wood Backing. Printed by Jukebox Print

    Unique Business Cards: A colorful and eye-catching design to stand out in a wallet.

    Get me to the ball: Business Cards for fashion designers and professional dressmakers let potential clients know you’re half design, half industry. Illustrations from a golden age of dressmaking is a beautifully striking image that lets clients know you’ve got the skill for the job. #moocards #businesscard

    Our floral wreath design suite instantly transforms your name into a beautiful logo. Available to personalize on business cards, appointment cards, gift certificates, office stationery and more. Get y

    more beautiful than mine of course! ahahahaaha DIY name cards