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Tue, 19 Jan 2016 21:33:39 +0000

The magic is in the details on these gorgeous letterpress business cards for a seamstress, made from a pretty 2-ply layered combination of soft Cotton and Cherry Blossom Pink paper. #jukeboxprint

    Letterpress Business Cards from #jukeboxprint

    A cute Letterpress business card produced on Cotton paper with deep impressions. Produced by Jukebox Print

    Cute Letterpress business cards produced with seven colors on 40pt cotton. Produced by #jukeboxprint

    I like the watercolors behind black shapes contrasted by watercolors behind white/knockout shapes

    Our floral wreath design suite instantly transforms your name into a beautiful logo. Available to personalize on business cards, appointment cards, gift certificates, office stationery and more. Get your brand up and running right away with this ready-made design suite. Great for makeup artists, beauty salons, nail artists, floral designers, boutiques and more.

    Clever Personalised Hand Made Transparent Plastic Business Cards

    Gold business card template, modern business card design custom gold foil, instant download business card printable geometric pattern golden

    This simple, colourful business card doesn't seem so simple once you realize it was created with 19 different colours of letterpress!

    Creative Letterpress Business Cards produced into a shape of a Bread Clip. Printed by Jukebox Print.

    Get me to the ball: Business Cards for fashion designers and professional dressmakers let potential clients know you’re half design, half industry. Illustrations from a golden age of dressmaking is a beautifully striking image that lets clients know you’ve got the skill for the job. #moocards #businesscard