Becky Fleming

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:51:18 +0000

Angles Anchor Chart. We made this over the course of three days to learn the types of angles, how to measure angles, and what to do with missing angle measures!

    Help students realize how fascinating research can be by giving them nonthreatening paragraph frames that make research projects easy to do and enjoyable to present. “Research” has been identified by the CCSS as one of the essential reading/writing skills needed for succeeding in college and in the workplace. So why not take a skill that has the potential to be uninteresting and have some fun with it? (priced item)

    Types of Angles, I like how they are all on one anchor chart. I would also add reflex angle. (Image only)

    Fraction Strips & Pieces Clip Art! 170 Graphics!!

    Fraction Anchor Chart

    Angle Anchor Chart

    Using a Protractor Anchor Chart - South Belt ES

    Angles Anchor Chart and Foldable!

    Free Character Trait List - sorted by synonyms to help students build character trait vocabulary. Teaching Made Practical

    BRIAN'S WINTER! A 56 page packet of ready to print worksheets that saves teachers time.

    Another strategy to add to the toolbox for subtraction across zeros because this is always so hard for my students during math class.

    Types of Triangles Anchor Chart

    These mini anchor charts are a great addition to your interactive reader's notebook. Each anchor chart gives an explanation of a reading strategy or skill. Students can glue them in their journal for quick and easy reference while they are independently reading.