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Captain America + The Winter Soldier: i would kill for you but then again i like killing i would die for you but then again i like dying// go break my heart whydoncha? - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

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    Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were a familiar refrain. The Winter Soldier tries to feel the beat. // NONONONONONONO NOT THE REGINA SPEKTOR SONG. IT WAS THE FIRST SONG OF HERS THAT I LOVED.

    The Shield, Cap, Steve Rogers, who he is.

    I don't ship it as a boy friend/boyfriend love but I think it's like a brotherly love... Without the fighting

    “I told him I enlisted,” Bucky said lowly into his beer, not looking up. I can see that: All Bucky wanted was to stay in Brooklyn, chasing skirts, double-dating, working three jobs to make sure he and Stevie ate something that night, making sure Steve doesn't die from pneumonia or some bully whose fists could hit the right mark...Steve wanted to fight, to help, but all Bucky wanted. Was just. To stay. With the dumb kid who he thought he would always be beside until the end of the line.

    But it wouldn't be the same without 'em.<<> they are both stinken adorable!!