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Captain America + The Winter Soldier: i would kill for you but then again i like killing i would die for you but then again i like dying// go break my heart whydoncha? - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

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    Steve Rogers finally figures out where he knows the name Howard Stark from. <- I never realized this before. << ahaha yes

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    Captain America/Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

    I don't ship it as a boy friend/boyfriend love but I think it's like a brotherly love... Without the fighting

    First of all, how. dare. you. But this is the best thing like ever! I am crying and smiling at the same time! *sits on ground and begins crying bitterly*

    Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were a familiar refrain. The Winter Soldier tries to feel the beat. // NONONONONONONO NOT THE REGINA SPEKTOR SONG. IT WAS THE FIRST SONG OF HERS THAT I LOVED.

    sometimes before it gets better the darkness gets bigger and the person you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger. #marvel

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    So.., He has one single flaw; he leaves towels on the floor. ONE FLAW.