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A perfect bowl to keep food separate, so you can enjoy your chips and salsa or rice and curry without any unintentional mixing. Plus, it balances when held in one hand, and keeps your wrist in a comfortable, neutral position. What a unique housewarming gift.

    A great way to serve conveniently chips and dip or soup and crackers together. The mug can hold up to 8.5 Oz soup and it has a separate compartment to hold the crackers and chips. It's really great for a cloudy day and every purchase includes a set of two mugs. The price for every set: $14.43

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    Bag Caps. I must get some of these

    Obol promised a soggy-no more cereal for you and your family. Check it out==> | Never Soggy Cereal Bowl By Obol | http://gwyl.io/never-soggy-cereal-bowl/

    Whip up your own fresh batch of butter with this butter churner, packed with recipes for flavored varieties.

    Window Mounted Solar Charger

    Check out Maintain fry spatter from spraying your range, partitions, and clothes. With this silico...

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    Super Grip Lock Deadbolt strap is a dead end for intruders! Door can’t be opened, even with a key. Great for nights home alone.

    Flexible Lunchbox, Have you ever discovered that your perfectly assembled sandwich has fallen to pieces when you take it out of your lunchbox?