Beth Simmons

Fri, 19 May 2017 20:28:04 +0000

this was in every dr;s office, every waiting room.


    The Bible Story Books for School-age Kids by Arthur S. Maxwell - 10 Volume Set


    The Bible Story Ten Volume Set: Arthur S. Maxwell: 9780828012652: Books

    Loved Marlo....Still Do!!!

    I loved these! Remember you would spin them in your hands to make their hair spin out! : )

    When you turned it upside-down, it made the appropriate noise...likely wouldn't entertain a child for a nano-second today!

    Vintage 50s Style Pin Up Halter High Waisted Swimsuit

    yarn octopus. My mom made these. My sister's was orange. Mine was larger and was purple

    I used to love this perfume when I was younger.

    SRA reading lab. I loved working through these as a child in school. I couldn't wait to get to the colors at the back of the box.

    No, they won't. Lol

    The Bible Story. It was in every doctor/dentist office. this is when we could talk about Jesus.