Chelsee Rayburn

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:59:56 +0000

Ever wonder where the Plexus Slim (aka the Pink Drink) gets its color? Beetroot extract!!! Just look at some of the benefits of beetroot...pretty cool to think my yummy pink drink is colored by this natural ingredient vs artificial food dyes (that we all know is not good for us)! #‎SomethingToThinkAbout www.shopmyplexus....

    x factor and chewables ingredients label

    Dreamsicle shake. Only 96 calories!! 1 packet of vanilla Plexus 96 1 heaping Tbsp. orange juice concentrate (or 3-4 Tbsp. orange juice) 8 oz. 2% milk (Vanilla Almond Milk or "milk" of your choice) Stir it, Mix it, Shake it, or Blend it with ice! It's cool, creamy and helps control hunger cravings. Don't starve yourself, take a packet with you to make a healthy snack at work. order here:

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    If you are saying any of these things through out your day, we should talk. Plexus is #natural Plexus helps with #bloodsugarlevels Plexus helps with #guthealth

    Health Benefits of lemon water. Learn why you should drink lemon water every morning and how to use it to solve common health problems.

    How Plexus Slim Works.