Paolo Tonon

Wed, 11 Jan 2017 21:54:06 +0000

Match Exhibition by Brogen Averill

    Spin by John Barton

    modul: Damian conrad design, poster: Instable.

    Designspiration — Design Inspiration

    NASA. 41 cartazes de outros mundos

    Paisaje sensorial Exhibition / by Ursula Villalba

    Geometric neutral colors for the win!

    ONTIC Packaging & Branding by Cindy Forster

    Flora (n.) Origin—from Flora, Roman goddess of flowers Definition—plant life; plants of a particular region or period Ex.—Pollution is harming not only the residents in the city but also its flora and fauna.

    Zwölf | Kv.H.Bf. — Rochade

    Schema by Anthony Zukofsky, via Behance

    I love the different shapes and the way they put a lot of detail into this image.