Shannon Euteneuer

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 23:02:45 +0000

~~Dahlia 'Fire Pot' | decorative dahlia - the flowers are in a hot blend of pink and orange, with a touch of yellow at the center. Very floriferous, 6" blooms, 3 ft tall | Rose Cottage Plants~~


    Dahlia & lavender

    Dahlia 'Ankara'

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    Dahlia Sylvia


    Dahlia Palmares

    dahlias, so fun, the first dahlia I have seen without the characteristic 'even and organized rows of petals'. This one is 'fluffy' as well as bicolor!

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    'Wildcat Orange'Anagallis hybrid. Early flowering with large orange flowers all season. Heat Tolerant, Deadheading not necessary, Full sun. For next to the house!

    Break the bottom out of ceramic pots, plant tulip bulbs. Then, in the summer, plant something else on top. Easy and clean to maintain in the garden or along a front porch!