Shannon Euteneuer

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 23:02:45 +0000

~~Dahlia 'Fire Pot' | decorative dahlia - the flowers are in a hot blend of pink and orange, with a touch of yellow at the center. Very floriferous, 6" blooms, 3 ft tall | Rose Cottage Plants~~

    That's some dahlia! Not sure my first dahlia should be quite so fancy.

    Dahlia ‘Scura’ landscaping

    ~~Hapet® Elite Waterlily Dahlia | gorgeous pink and yellow container dahlia, perfect for sunny porches, balconies & terraces | Lubera Fruitful Gardening~~

    Dahlia 'Ankara'


    Gorgeous orange Dahlias

    Labyrinth Dahlia (3' bush): orange and yellow blends.

    O PLANETA TERRA: Humanidade〈parks〈squares〈gardens〉 - Coleções - Google+

    Old fences and nasturtiums

    Gladiolus – A wonderful Summer Flower – Page 2 – Dan330

    ~~Delphinium 'Fenella' | Garden Buddies forum~~