Madalyne Bird

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:47:23 +0000

The 2014 Summer Must List issue

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    Terminator: Is it really 30 years?

    Thanks NSW01, Compressed Headlines Have Never Looked Better #TypeTuesdayEye on Design | Eye on Design

    Found by Nimrod Meroz

    The Oscars 2015 issue - Keir Novesky

    Wired USA | Inspiring to see the full piece laid out:


    It could have easily leaned toward being visually overwhelming, but a thoughtful layout along with a bright yellow accent color pulls the whole thing together.

    3. I think all of these would make really good pages for a feature story. I like the big bold words and the large cut out pictures of the people.

    editorial design!

    NYT Magazine Food Issue : Drea Zlanabitnig