Kristen Bourne

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:24:53 +0000

when you're twenty one pilots and chill and he gives you this look


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    They are both su coot *^*

    Don't even care if I've already got this on this board

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    haha truth tho << thEY Didn'T sPeLL oUT tWEntY onE piLOts TRigGerED!1!!!1 (im clearly hilarious)

    When the people at school thought TØP & bands were weird and now they playing Ride & Heathens smh

    Okay, Tyler Joseph Twenty one pilots Tyler Joseph Josh Dun Skeleton clique Blurryface Stay Alive Stay Street |-/

    Person: What music do you like? Me: It's not rap it's not hip hop... it's like.... your face. My taste in music is your face.