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Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:24:53 +0000

when you're twenty one pilots and chill and he gives you this look

    twenty one pilots, twenty Øne piløts, and spongebob image

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    Literally me omg

    Twenty One Pilots Stressed Out T-Shirt

    goner // twenty one pilots

    My Taste In Music (twenty one pilots) - Black

    twenty one pilots

    "BEEF AND CHEESE!" "(Josh Dun!)" "SWAT!" "All your blood is washed away" "I'm falling" "a cab"

    The letters in bold spell Twenty One Pilots OMG

    Josh's face is just like, "Yeah I'm pretty distracting."

    twenty | one | pilots, Tyler Joseph •|i|• Ø i+! ].[ and Joshua Dun. Skeleton clique. |-/ LOVELY LOVELY

    i'm pinning this to the twenty one pilots baord bc i feel like if i were to tell this to one drummer i would tell it to josh. he needs to be appreciated as much as he deserves to be and sometimes i think he doesn't understand that he's just as important to us as tyler is.

    Twenty one pilots

    A guy had a hat that said Local" I started to sing "I'm fairly local i'v been…

    "Since joy is found in belief, we all have to push through unhappiness to find joy." - Tyler Joseph

    My doctor said I need glasses because I'm going blind from his glory

    tyler joseph twenty one pilots | josh dun tyler joseph twenty one pilots holding on to you

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