Heather Olmstead

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:49:08 +0000

LEGO Balloon Cars for Kids STEM Activities


    LEGO Building Challenge: Machines + Paper. How to build a working LEGO paper crimper and a machine that draws circles. Great STEM challenge!

    Wind Power LEGO cars! Explore the force of wind with this fun STEM activity for kids.

    Do you have kids that love to make things go? Do you like to try out new STEM activities? We do! Check out these awesome vehicle STEM activities using balloons, rubber bands, solar power, wind power, chemical reactions, and more! Fun vehicle STEM activities for preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary level kids. Week 5 of 100 Days of STEM challenge

    Turn a Cardboard Box into an Epic Marble Run - Great engineering challenge for kids. Fun group activity to see what each group comes up with!

    Lego Balloon Car Kit Portable Lego Box Lego Car Building

    LEGO Boat Engineering Challenge for Kids - STEM challenge, which boat can hold more coins?

    Lego Balloon Car Building Activity Lego Race Cars Kit - blow up the balloon and the car takes off

    Simple Machines for Kids: LEGO Pulleys STEM Building Challenge. Learn about simple machines and mechanical advantage with this fun engineering lesson!

    Lego Zip Line Homemade Toy Zip Line for Kids. Simple STEM for young kids. Simple LEGO building idea to show physics of ramps, angles, tension, gravity and more. Engineer a LEGO toy zip line. Great rainy day project with common items!

    LEGO Wind Car Racing Trials plus the Learning with LEGO EBook

    How to build an easy catapult for kids and learn about tension. Build a simple LEGO catapult with basic bricks. Fun STEM activity for kindergarten and grade school kids.

    Easy build instructions to create your own LEGO Christmas nutcracker to display over the holidays! #KeepBuilding