Heather Olmstead

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 22:49:08 +0000

LEGO Balloon Cars for Kids STEM Activities

    STEM / Science for Kids: Exploring Rainbow Reflections with a CD and Paper Snowflakes- fun way to explore light! ~ BuggyandBuddy.com

    Superhero STEM with Batman. Make a LEGO rubber band car for your favorite superhero and pair it with a good book for storybook STEM! Cool STEM activity for kids!

    Simple STEM activity for kids. Pom Pom Drop made from empty cardboard tubes!

    Lego Balloon Car Building Activity Lego Race Cars Kit - blow up the balloon and the car takes off

    Color-changing, temperature-sensitive slime that your kids or students can make? Great summer activity! #science #scienceproject #STEM

    Kids love things that go! Check out some awesome ideas for adding STEM challenges to things that go! Cool vehicle STEM activities for preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary age kids. Balloon powered, solar powered, wind powered, rubber band powered, chemical reaction powered, and more!

    DIY Parachutes (and the Science Behind How they Work)

    Balloon Powered LEGO Car:

    Lego Balloon Car DIY Lego Building Kit

    How to build an easy catapult for kids and learn about tension. Build a simple LEGO catapult with basic bricks. Fun STEM activity for kindergarten and grade school kids.

    Lego Zip Line Homemade Toy Zip Line for Kids. Simple STEM for young kids. Simple LEGO building idea to show physics of ramps, angles, tension, gravity and more. Engineer a LEGO toy zip line. Great rainy day project with common items!

    Here are two fun LEGO machines to build – a paper crimper and a circle drawing device! Challenge kids to build these designs or invent their own.  This is a great project for a LEGO club!  What other machines can you build to do something with paper?  Maybe a folding machine? We found the paper...Read More »