Nancy Vasquez

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 12:08:02 +0000

Silkstonr BArbie in Pink Frock 57-9.jpg 1,108×1,600 pixels


    The doll is neat, but I am more interested in the style of the dress

    A perfect lady...

    Silkstone BArbie

    Maria Therese

    Silkstone Barbie

    Venetian Opulence™ Barbie® Doll 2000


    "Check It Out" by Rebecca for Silkstone Barbie

    Cocktail Dresses | In a Barbie World)

    Mattel Year 2013 Barbie Fashionistas Series 12 Inch Doll Set - NIKKI (BGY20) in White/Blue/Purple Dress with Earrings and Purse

    Goddess of Wisdom