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Before the Roman Empire, ancient Italy comprised a group of cultures which absorbed each other's ideas through trade. This map dated from 700-400 BCE.

    This beautiful Spanish map depicts the principal regions of Europe in play during the Eighty Years War (1568-1648) in which the Netherlands rebelled against the Spanish Hapsburg rule ultimately forming the independent Dutch Republic. An interesting touch is an illustration of burning fleet at the top of the map in the North Sea. Could be a reference to the Spanish Armada which was destroyed in 1588 in an unrelated action against the English during the same period.

    Celtic Empire 700-100 BC . The Celts got around.

    domus romana

    I’ve been enjoying listening to some music over the past few weeks, and only belatedly realised it was all from the same part of the world: Galicia, in northern Spain. Once I realised that, I…

    Throughout much of the peninsula dwelt the Italic tribes. They had migrated around 1000 BC from somewhere within modern Slovenia, near the ancient town of Hallstatt. By 500 BC the strongest of the tribes were the Samnites. Across the Adriatic Sea lived the Illyrians. Sometime around 1000 BC one of their tribes, the Messapians, crossed and established themselves in the heel of the peninsula.

    Frankish Empire 481 to 814-en - Middle Ages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    - The Roman Empire in the year 211 CE.More maps of the Roman...

    Bronze-Age European cultures of 2000 BC.

    The history of Mesopotamia runs strong from the middle of the 4th millennium BCE, lasting a good 3,000 years.

    Population genomics of vikings – University of Copenhagen

    Language and Dialects in Italy by region

    English is the language of Shakespeare and the language of Chaucer. It's spoken in dozens of countries around the world, from the United States to a tiny island named Tristan da Cunha. It reflects the influences of centuries of international exchange, including conquest and colonization, from the Vikings through the 21st century. Here are 25 maps that explain the English language. #English #language #map