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Before the Roman Empire, ancient Italy comprised a group of cultures which absorbed each other's ideas through trade. This map dated from 700-400 BCE.

    The Roman Empire at its Greatest Extent - A Political Map of Rome’s Provinces And Its Surrounding Areas .

    Los Países Bajos o Flandes, comprendían en el siglo XVI los actuales Estados de Bélgica. Holanda, Luxemburgo y algunos de los departamentos franceses del Noroeste. Por su riqueza y situación, eran …

    Ancient Rome (C1, W5-W6)

    Egypt's Nile Valley Map

    Map of Europe in 476: Political Map of Europe in 476 C.E.

    map of the germanic tribes - Google Search

    The Holy Roman Empire was a union of territories in Central Europe during the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period under a Holy Roman Emperor who submitted to thePope.

    ( - ) The Jutland Peninsula showing the historic homeland of the Germanic tribes of Jutes, Angles and Saxons after the Roman departure from Britain in around 500 CE.

    The Merovingians: The Kings and Queens of the Franks -

    map of the Holy Roman Empire

    Megalithic Culture - Prehistoric Iberia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia