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Wed, 11 Jan 2017 19:04:55 +0000

Camp shower made with pvc pipes. Hang camp shower bladder on the tall pole at the top.

    showerparts_zpsd5f4cbcc.jpg Photo by brenhouli | Photobucket

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    Shower Totes for Camp | Camp shower(Jonathan Fong)

    cooking and fishing directions.

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    PVC camping gear - outdoor shower, camping bathroom, change room (for indoor events too!)

    How about a stealth cargo trailer tiny home for your next road trip?

    Do you have an old filing cabinet merely gathering dust in your house? You can repurpose it as a novel smoker! Yes – filing cabinet paints can contain some dangerous chemicals, but there are lots of ways to strip that paint and there spray paints for grills that you can use to make your DIY smoker safe. Learn how to turn an old metal filing cabinet into a smoker now!

    freezer as root cellar

    cover the rv to keep it cooler, no sides so we could still see outside. If it was built of wood, could have solar panels on the south side!