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    I'm blown away by faith. It's insane to me what believing in God does for us who love him. A mustard seed is the tiniest of seeds and Jesus said that's the size of the faith you need to move your mountain. Teeny tiny itsy bitsy faith and BAM! the mountain you're facing is moved. Buh bye. Gone. What's your mountain? Finances? Health problems? Relationship stuff? Listen up babe, place your confidence in the One who provides, the One who orchestrates love stories, the One who heals, restores, fi...

    Spiritual warfare prayers to fight infertility

    In vitro fertilization (IVF) can be a very overwhelming process to comprehend, especially when your nerves and emotions are running wild. To help alleviate some of that stress we’ve broken down the IVF process into 6 easy to understand steps. We hope that this step-by step guide of the IVF process helps patients undergoing IVF, contemplating IVF, or are about to begin the IVF process. #ttc /asrmpin/ /resolve/ /Path2Parenthood/ /creatingafamily/

    The sweetest thing I've ever read. From a husband to his wife

    My newest chart for my IVF meds. #ivf #staypositive #getpositive #sprockefylife

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    10 Practical Tips on Preparing for IVF | AmateurNester.com | infertility

    If your family is going through Infertility, & you're considering IVF -this is every detail of my IVF cycle. I hope it alleviates some of that UNCERTAINTY & stress that can come from something so big & so new.

    Transfer Day Fertility Socks Lucky IVF IUI Motivational

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    My baby announcement! Baylee Dennis https://www.bayleedennisphotography.com #pregnancyannouncement #endometriosis #pcos #infertility

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