Teaching with Crayons and Curls

Sun, 16 Apr 2017 14:01:55 +0000

End of Day Questions - able to identify what they didn't understand, what they need to work on, etc.


    Morning Meeting Questions

    End of the Day Jar- Questions Cards

    Brag Bracelets are an awesome classroom management tool and have been super popular in my classroom. Students work hard to earn them and are super excited when they receive one! I particularly love the fact that students get to take them home which helps to create a positive teacher/parent communication channel. This pack includes 24 different BLACK AND WHITE brags bracelets to use for multiple occasions. I print them on bright colored paper and they look super cute!!!

    Love This !!!! Definitely doing this for my classroom! I'm Done! Now What Jar for early finishers by daisy

    these are such a wonderful idea for students who are not great and asking questions or who have fears of talking aloud

    Creative Ways to Line Up Your Class - Freebie includes quick reference cards for the teacher

    Book area signpost - Where will your reading take you????

    Teachers...Ever forget a students birthday?Create a Birthday Bucket so you can prevent this for the upcoming school year! Easy classroom birthday gift for students from teachers. Pencil toppers & birthday certificates included.

    Proud to be Primary's Question of the Day using a drip pan magnetic board. A great classroom management technique to help with attendance! www.proudtobeprimary.com

    Adapt to Recorder Karate

    Classroom Jobs-Teaching the meaning of "responsibility" by putting it straight into practice! Students keep their jobs for a week and then they`re "hired" for another position! Totally works for the teacher and kids are loving it too! JOBS: Door Opener, Eraser, Noise Patrol, Pencil Sharpener, Lights Monitor, Chair Patrol, Absence Reporter, Teacher Helper, Paper Passer

    7 Reasons why this teacher uses a Behavior Notebook for classroom management and documentation. Detailed explanation and FREE Printable.