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How and When to Prune Lilacs


    Salvias, also called sages, are some of the most versatile plants around. Most varieties are wonderfully drought tolerant and feature beautiful flowers with pleasantly scented, attractive foliage. Plus, deer, bunnies, and other garden pests typically ignore the plants. The key to success is knowing which varieties are right for your yard. Check out some of our favorites.

    Sweet Woodruff This is a perfect shade loving plant if you have a shady, difficult spot you want to cover. These white flowers will bloom in May and June. They are simple and even smell great too!

    Beloved by gardeners far and wide, hydrangeas nevertheless present some confusion when it comes time for hydrangea pruning. Here are basics that should guide you and help your hydrangea flowers growing healthy and strong.

    GREAT tips on how to grow peonies! http://twotwentyone.net/growing-peonies/

    Learn the tricks for when to prune hydrangeas so you will have summer blooms. Learn about the three types of hydrangeas and the best times to cut them.

    What is truly great about these climbers is that they are very easy to grow if you follow few simple steps. Keep reading to discover how to successfully grow these beauties…

    Rhododendrons geven in het algemeen de voorkeur aan iets zure, luchtige grond. Bij het planten dient men de struiken niet te diep te planten: veel soorten hebben hun wortels vrij dicht onder de oppervlakte. Ook een te veel aan water kan de wortels van lucht beroven. Direct na het planten en de eerste tijd hierna kan water geven nuttig zijn. De meeste soorten kunnen zon goed verdragen, sommige dan weer niet.

    What to plant on North-Facing side of the house?

    lilac hedging. . .one of my most vivid memories from my childhood. . .this will be on the farm for sure.

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