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TIps for have a great experiences foraging for wild edibles with kids | Homestead Honey


    Tips for foraging fun with your kids including a list of what to look for @Maaike Anema Boven make lists ... #fall #autumn

    Blessed In Homemaking: Foraging For Wild Edibles With Kids

    Foraging. 12 plants that can be foraged for a winter harvest | Suburban Foragers

    Wild eatable plants Mais

    Foraging for Chickweed - How to Identify and Eat this Wild Superfood

    Make wild winter teas with birch twigs, white spruce needles, white pine needles, and spicebush twigs! All offer health benefits, great flavor, or both. Also, try wintergreen chocolate drink for a wild treat. No need to stop foraging in winter!

    Foraging for Dandelions ~ Tooth of the Lion, dandelions are the perfect growing, foraging, cooking and fermenting plant!

    What to do with... Stinging Nettles-maybe I should try some of these ideas. I know people make green borsch from them...

    From wild onion and wild garlic to chickweed and plantain, foraging wild edibles in early spring is both bountiful and cleansing. Gather with care and enjoy!

    10 Wild Plants You Can Eat (Direct Link)

    Identifying and Sustainably Harvesting Ramps (Allium tricoccum) | The Foraged Foodie

    List of Edible Flowers