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TIps for have a great experiences foraging for wild edibles with kids | Homestead Honey

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    Mugwort is an easy to forage for herb that has both edible and medicinal properties.

    Tips for foraging fun with your kids including a list of what to look for @Maaike Anema Boven make lists ... #fall #autumn

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    Everyone wants to know, how do you run a household, a homestead, have kids, AND blog? Here are some key strategies for how I "do it all". |

    Wild Edibles #1 Wood Sorrel (Video) Written companion to the video will be released soon and can be found on I look forward to hearing from you

    How to forage for common milkweed, with great photos for identification. Covers which parts are edible, and gives recipe for milkweed shoot and radish salad.

    Foraging for food doesn't have to be a last ditch survival effort. There's LOTS…

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