Ashley Mills

Fri, 19 May 2017 23:45:13 +0000

make sure chores get done and the kids have a well rounded summer with this summer rules printable. | www.thirtyhandmad...

    Super Summer Challenge...interesting ideas for discipline, goals/chores/activities for children

    LOTS of Practical Ideas to Make Your Summer at Home with Kids Count!!

    How to have a Fun Summer: weekly schedule for Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and all of southern Nevada. Recommended by Jill Paige Homes, Las Vegas, NV.

    Fun ideas for summer break that will keep kids busy.

    These are great

    Good idea to get the kids to keep rooms picked up!

    editable chore charts | Kid's Editable Daily List and Chore Chart by SweetCoconutLime

    Dit is super leuk!!!

    You give them the detailed job cards and then off they go to  help you keep a clean house! I usually keep a point tally with my smaller kids (big kids dont really care for the point system, you just take away privileges from them if they don't cooperate!) Points = rewards like: dollars, soda, gum, movie rentals, screen time, etc.

    Teach Your Kids How to Do the Laundry! This will help with getting back into the swing of things with back to school.

    Still trying to find the perfect one of these for the kiddos this summer