Christina Price

Sun, 13 Aug 2017 13:37:36 +0000

Cool clip Thermal, Fall 2017, Thirty-One, machine washable


    City Chic Tote, Fall 2017, Thirty-One

    Leak Lock Lining Thermals, Thirty-One, Fall 2017

    I LOVE this idea for my son and all his Legos! Thirty-One's Large Utility Tote with a Pocket-A-Tote on the inside to hold all the instruction booklets! Great organization! Oh! Don't forget the Top-A-Tote to prevent the Legos from spilling all over! :)

    "Perfect Party Set- Thirty One by Miriam McDonnell" by sandiegomunky on Polyvore featuring Fit & Fresh

    What a great pin! Fashion Food Clothes Makeup Hair Luxury Home

    Which one is your hostess's favorite game for your Thirty-One Facebook parties. #ilovemybaglady

    Grab your favorite coffee, wine, or smoothie and jump online (you're obviously here already so what could be easier than that…no cooking, cleaning, or heck even getting dressed if you don't want to...

    Going Places Thermal, Thirty-One, Fall 2017


    NEW FOR FALL 2017 GEO POP. Thirty-One Gifts!