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Most people think of how they spend their TIME but not so much about how they spend their ENERGY. Don't waste that key internal resource on things that you're worried about situations you can't control or things that won't matter at the end of the day. Your energy is so vital to your being so be mindful of where you're spending it. When your mind wanders in a million different directions acknowledge it and then bring it back to where you want it to go. Take control of that beautiful energy of yours! /// Get a happy email full of my favorite happy things each month (Instagram accounts podcasts meditations happiness tips & more) by clicking the link in my bio via Angela LeBrun (@angela4design) by Happsters - The Happiness Pinterest Account

    What I've had to learn about life and I'm so glad I have learned it because not only is it a waste of time, it's also none of my concern.

    Heal thy self !!!

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    slow down...

    Giving in to a controlling person might feel like "keeping the peace" for the moment, but it's actually starting a very toxic pattern. Each time the controlling person gets what they want you to do, that gives them a little more power over you for the next thing they'll want from you. Trust me, this pattern will continue over and over again. You will eventually be worn down and under their control.

    Go where your effort is appreciated

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    Dunzo. If you're not going to care, I'm certainly not going to waste anymore of my time, energy and thoughts on you.

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    Yes, you, your partner and your stepkids were all raised differently. And, different isn't wrong. SteppingThrough begins with you.